Think Tank @ Hoults Yard; Globe Gallery
22 April 2010 – 20 May 2010

An exhibition of work from A Northumbrian Suite using the names of flora and fauna to ‘map’ my journey though Northumbria.

From Upper Coquetdale to the Border Ridge (the series of six small images which, together, form the long horizontal work you can see here) comes from a Northumbrian suite of pictures that I am periodically working on (and which all the pictures in this show are taken from). In this piece I use the names of flora and fauna to ‘map’ my journey. Some plants will only be found in the valleys whilst others will be specific to the upland moors. Similarly, some birds are an indicative species of river valleys whilst others inhabit exclusively the high crags of upland hills; my choice of names of flora and fauna is therefore deliberate and specific – it ‘charts’ my walk.