Kyoto Conference

Kyoto Conference

Kyoto Conference

IGU Regional Conference in Kyoto on 4-9 August 2013


In August 2013 I presented a paper at the IGU Regional Conference in Kyoto. The conference's theme was Traditonal Wisdom and Modern Knowledge for the Earth's Future. The main conference theme was outlined as follows:


'An old Japanese proverb (on-ko chi-shin), taken from a Chinese one (wengu zhixin), says that only by exploring the old can one understand the new. We should first understand how traditional ideas, linked to interaction between society/culture and the environment, were formed in different countries and regions. Fortunately, throughout their long histories East Asian countries, including Japan, have fostered a rich wisdom concerning such interaction. Traditional wisdom, in harmony with the environment, remains prevalent. The Regional Conference held in Japan will examine how we can mould the earth’s future through such traditional wisdom and modern knowledge derived from modern geography.'


Below is the abstract I sucessfully submitted.


Poetry, Art, Landscape and Tourism Mobilities


English and Japanese Interpretations of the Lake District




Previous research has identifiedculture,language and novelty to be important pull factors for Japanese tourists to the UK, with media representations being particularly important in defining the Japanese experience of the UK as a destination. In particular, the English Lake District has been identified as a quintessential place that represents English culture for Japanese tourists through its artistic and poetic associations. This paper begins by analysing these representations but then takes this a stage further by reflecting on the work of contemporary English and Japanese artists and poets in the re-imagining of the Lake District through the construction of an exhibition entitled Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets.The exhibition consists of newly commissioned visual art and poetry by ten artists/poets (five from the UK and five from Japan) with an interest in the poetry of either or both of Wordsworth and Basho in collaboration with Dove Cottage in Grasmere.


Please click here for more information about Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets